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MS Analytical

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MS Analytical is a Canadian company delivering geochemical analysis services and other analytical services to the mining industry
As a certified geochemical laboratory we will allways make sure to deliver the best analytical services possible.                                                                                                                                                Sample preparation is a crucial step in obtaining high quality and reliable analytical data. MS Analytical Services is committed to the care and attention to detail required to ensure a uniformly sized sample representative of the original material.
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Submitting Samples
Please ensure that all samples are labeled and the submittal form is properly filled out. If you have any questions about the submittal form, please do not hesitate to ask. If the form is not filled out properly or is unclear, it can result in a delay in sample processing.  For customs purposes, please indicate “Contents are geological samples for analysis purposes only; No commercial value”


Shipping Address:

MS Analytical Services Inc.
Attention: Sample Receiving
Unit 1, 20120 102nd Avenue
Langley, British Columbia, Canada V1M 4B4

Please include the following information in your sample submittal form:
• Your company name and/or contact name(s)
• List or range of sample IDs
• Analysis required and/or elements you are looking for
 Results destination(s)
• Invoice destination(s)
• Sample Return / Disposal instructions

Our staff has a wide range of experience and technical expertise; we would be pleased to assist you in determining the appropriate package for your program needs. Please contact our Client Services department to discuss your specific sample requirements.


Administrative Fees

Description Price Code
Batch Fee – charged for each batch of less than 20 samples $35.00 ADM-100
Log sample – no preparation required $0.75 PLG-200
Sample pick-up service By Quotation PIC-100


Sample Storage

All pulps will be stored at our facility free of charge for 90 days and rejects will be stored for 60 days, with the free storage period beginning on the day that the analysis is complete. At the end of this storage period, we can dispose of the material, ship the material back to you or retain the material for long-term storage. If you would like your samples returned to you sooner (as soon as analysis is complete) please let us know.

For samples which will be returned to you, our shipping department will ship your samples back to you using our courier or freight account. You will be charged (at cost) for this shipment. If you prefer to use your own courier samples, please let us know before the 90 day freeaccount, or arrange to pick up your storage period has expired.

Description Price Code
Special Handling & Retrieval of Pulp or Reject from Storage,
per hour
$55.00/hr STO-100
Storage of Reject after 90 day free period per month $0.35 per sample STO-200
Storage of Pulp after 90 day free period per month $0.15 per sample STO-300
Dispose of Reject $0.25 per sample DIS-100
Dispose of Pulp $0.10 per sample DIS-200
Disposal of Client Submitted Hazardous Solutions $1.00 per 100ml DIS-300
Heat treatment and disposal of International soils $0.75 per sample DIS-400
Return of reject / pulp By Quotation DIS-500